We’re ahead of the curve.

There is no point in creating our sexy clothes if they don’t make our customer feel hot in what they’ve got. That’s why we put it so much into the fit of our garments. Every item with the City Chic label goes through a long process of design, fitting, scaling and refinement, to ensure that each and every time a customer walks into a store, she knows she is in good hands.

Clever construction and fabrication conceal and reveal in all the right places, with an emphasis on real comfort and durability. Our wide range of fashion options let our customer dress for any occasion - from formal events to balmy nights on the beach. With City Chic, there’s no abiding by the ‘rules’ of fashion only the rules of ‘fit’. It is in everything we do; from our quintessential shopping experience to our design collection with a unique to chic fit, fabric and print mix.