How To Master Formalwear In Winter

How to Master Formalwear In Winter Plus Size Fashion

Weddings, corporate gala’s, engagement parties, graduations, charity balls; formal occasions don’t come to a halt when the weather starts to cool down. And nor would we want it to! Winter fashion is full of indulgent shades, luxurious layers, and accentuating accessories.


We’ve got the tips to teach you how to master formalwear in winter!

Dark Hues

When you think of summer fashion, you probably think of sunshine yellow hues, oceans blues and perhaps pops of pink that compliment your glowy tan. We can all admit that our natural tan fades fast in winter, but not to worry - that’s when we turn our fashionista energy to those deep, dark, and indulgent colourways.

Black, navy, and emerald green - it doesn’t matter whether you adorn your curves in textures such as sequin, lace, or ruffled chiffon, embracing these dark hues when stepping out for a formal occasion, will instantly ensure your look is elevated.  

Maxi Dresses

We love a good maxi dress for many reasons! Not only does it create a sense of sophistication, but its long-lined length allows for some sneaky layering.


Concealed under the maxi skirt, you can layer stockings or tights to keep your legs warm. The key to this trick is to pair your dress with close-toed shoes to keep those tights camouflaged. If your maxi dress looks best with an open toe, opt for shapewear to keep your torso and legs extra warm whilst still slaying in your sensational formal dress. 



Not only are coats a fantastic tool to tie an entire outfit together, but in winter, they are an absolutely essential piece. Whether you plan on wearing one all night long or utilising it just for the journey, finding the coat to suit your dress is the key to warmth.


Let's be real, we love winter fashion for the coats! So, how do you style a coat with your formal occasion dress? The key to chic is all about matching the tones of your ensemble to your coat. Wearing white heels? Add a white or ivory coat to compliment your style. 


If you’re rocking a monochromatic ensemble, not only will a coat keep you cosy, but you can utilise your coat to bring a vibrant colourway into your jaw-dropping outfit. Wearing a black dress and black heels? Embrace a pop of colour into your outfit with a bold and beautiful coat!

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How do you like to style your formalwear in winter? Let us know in the comments below xx

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