5 Ways To Style Dresses This Winter

5 Ways To Style Dresses This Winter Plus Size Fashion

Staying warm while remaining stylish is the number one fashion dilemma in winter. We’re not all able to have two separate summer and winter wardrobes - so how can we wear our favourite dresses all through the chilly seasons? 


We've got you covered with our 5 Ways To Style Dresses This Winter!

Tights and leggings

Let's start with the basics! We love a little mini dress, but those legs get awfully cold once that summer sun makes its way behind the clouds. So what are you to do? Tights and leggings are here to save those summer dresses from being untouched for 5 months of the year.

Wearing tights and leggings under your dresses works a treat for keeping you warm in both indoors and outdoor settings. If you’re spending your day predominantly outside, opting for black leggings instead of stockings or tights might be your best option for combating that extra chill. 

Layer with a long sleeve top

Stay sleek and stylish in winter by adding an additional layer beneath your dress. Whether it’s a wrap dress, slip dress, pinafore, or flowy maxi, layering a turtleneck underneath will keep your chest warm while maintaining your chic look.

Having a black and white monochromatic high neck top is an absolute must for all winter wardrobes, but if you’re keen to play with colour this season, try and match your turtleneck to an element that is on your dress for a bright and colour-coordinated style!

Add a jumper


You can completely change the look of your dress by pairing a jumper on top. Caressing your curves in a knit sweater, you can stay warm on top while highlighting your skirt.

The key to doing this successfully is picking a jumper that suits the silhouette of your dress. If you’re heading out in a bodycon dress, then you have a lot of options! Cropped, knit, oversized and even teddy - the choice is yours. 


However, if you’re boasting an A-line skirt, fluttering maxi, draping hi-lo hemline, we love the look of a cropped jumper that cinches in at your waist. Because the jumper is cropped at the waist, you’ll be able to show off your waistline whilst still wearing a flattering cut dress.

Knee-high boots

Not only are knee-high boots on trend this winter season, but they are a gift from the fashion gods when staying warm and sleek in the cold.


Faux suede, pleather, buckles, heeled or flat, add the perfect pair of high-rise boots to your summery dresses to ensure you remain stylish and comfortable. If you choose to pair without tights, stockings, or leggings, don’t forget to go out with some thick socks in your boots to enhance your winter comfort. 

Throw on a leather jacket 


Faux leather jackets are not only a current trend-setting piece, but they’re ultra-chic and cosy. 

Leather jackets are an ideal option for boasting a day-to-night outfit because their timeless style makes them oh-so-versatile. There are a variety of styles of leather jackets including cropped, biker, streamlined and of course, various colours, that will not only instantly elevate your look, but keep you oh-so cosy while you show off your favourite dress.

Although leather jackets have an edgy look to them, they complement almost all fabrications including chiffon, linen, knit, cotton, satin, and a multitude of patterns, including our favourite, florals.

What's your favourite way to style dresses in winter? let us know in the comments below! xx

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